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Steel Finished Products


Buying and selling transactions in the international markets based on the opportunities that the market can offer at any given time. Trading is grouped into three main divisions:
- Steel Finished Products
- Steel Semi-Finished Products
- Raw materials for the Steel Industry

Trading “service”

Financing and facilitating the execution of international trading transactions for companies that due to organizational, financial or technical reasons cannot handle such transactions on their own. 

In this context Trafigura SE. acts as “Principal”, at a variable cost, covering the full range of required activities such as contract stipulation, logistic arrangements, insurance coverage, Customs clearance, warehousing, always on behalf of its clients, with full transparency at a fixed and pre-agreed cost.

Financial and Administrative services

Assistance in the opening of Bank Guarantees, Letters of Credit, leverage operations, currency hedging, contacts with banks and other financial institutions for corporate operations or foreign investments. Trafigura SE. can provide assistance in managing relationships with international financial institutions and underwriters, perform accounting services, implement cost and administrative controlling systems

Technical business consultancy 

Technical advising such as market analysis, appraisal of companies and equipments, restructuring plans, technical training, re-start of production activities. The services are provided by by Trafigura SE. staff together with a network of consultants with a long-historic relationship with Trafigura SE. management

Legal and corporate services

Legal advice, follow up of commercial Contracts and Agreements for international trading transactions (financing, agency agreements, product off-take, inventory consignment Agreements, share purchase/sale Agreements, Shareholders’ Agreements, profit sharing, consulting, escrow Agreements. Newcoregistrations and management, management contracts and temporary management services

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Local presence

Our international network enables us to establish a direct presence in many markets. Our philosophy is to work through small self-contained units, each with its own management and clearly defined areas of responsibility. Our local presence supports the development of close relations with our business partners, while our international network brings together buyers and sellers of steel in different parts of the world and allows us to offer global solutions to customers who are building up operations around the world.