Trafigura SE. Speed and fl exibility are thereby guaranteed.

Our knowledge of the current market and price situation enables us to execute your order with the right supplier at the right time.

We can provide you with advisory services tailored to your specifi c requirements with respect to further enhancement and optimization in applying metals, alloy elements and aggregates.

Our unique business model allows us to benefit from:

Real diversification across commodity, geography and activity

A worldwide footprint - World’s leading marketing business


Trafigura SE. is one of the world's largest independent steel traders.


Trafigura SE is the result of the experience acquired by its founders in ...

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Trafigura SE. offers its services to small and medium sized enterprises at ...

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Trading Buying and selling transactions in the international markets based on ...

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Trafigura SE is one of the world's largest independent steel traders.

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Local presence

Our international network enables us to establish a direct presence in many markets. Our philosophy is to work through small self-contained units, each with its own management and clearly defined areas of responsibility. Our local presence supports the development of close relations with our business partners, while our international network brings together buyers and sellers of steel in different parts of the world and allows us to offer global solutions to customers who are building up operations around the world.