Mission Trafigura Shipping and Transport steel

Mission Trafigura

Trafigura SE. offers its services to small and medium sized enterprises at a variable cost, based on the functions to be performed or the expected economic result, as it may be agreed with the clients on a case by case basis.

Small and medium size manufacturing companies are traditionally focused on their production and customer service. When they operate in the global market they tend to overlook and underestimate the numerous international trading instruments and techniques that allow the safe and efficient execution of an international transaction, whether it is the purchase of raw materials or the sale of finished products. 

A successful international transaction can only be achieved through the efficient management of the available trading tools, which include trade financing, price hedging, currency hedging, proper insurance coverage, efficient logistic optimization, risk management, legal counseling, inventory management, tax planning, financial planning.

Not only does this approach apply to the ordinary import & export transactions, but it extends to the more complex international deals, which involve foreign investments, project financing, off-take agreements, agency commitments, international partnerships, etc.

Trafigura SE. can be identified as an international trading servicecompany as it can provide its professional services to handle all aspects of the international trading transactions.

The choice to have Trafigura SE. operate either as a pure trading companyor as a service company, or both combined, depends upon the client’s requirements, their international trading skills in the referred field of activity and their cost vs. opportunity evaluation. 

Trafigura SE. represents a variable cost which can be quantified and measured by the customer prior to the execution of any transaction.

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Buying and selling transactions in the international markets based on the opportunities that the market can offer at any given time. Trading is grouped into three main divisions.

- Steel Finished Products
- Steel Semi-Finished Products
- Raw materials for the Steel Industry